Penguin cake pops are cute and easy to make. You should try making them for your next special occassion. I know, I know…penguins are supposed to be black and white or grey and white, but I decided to make pink penguins this time around. If you want, use black/grey/white for your penguins so they look a little more realistic. When I made my first trial penguin, I added wings on the side using 2 M&Ms. Sadly, my penguin ended up looking like a big chicken; that’s why I decided to omit the wings. Perhaps I could try using a thin edible item (not quite sure what yet) for the wings next time.

If you don’t already know how to make cake pop balls, please watch my first video for detailed instructions. Everything is explained in the first part of my video.

First, shape your chilled cake balls into egg shapes with a flat bottom. Chill them in the freezer again for another 10-15 minutes.

Dip a lollipop stick into the white candy melt and stick it into the cake ball. Set it aside and let it harden. Dip the entire ball into white candy melt and let it harden again. NOTE: if you don’t wait long enough before dipping your next colour, the white is going to melt and run.

Now it’s time to dip the cake ball into pink (or black/grey/whatever colour you’re using) candy melt. Only dip the head, back, and sides, and leave the stomach area white. Work a little faster this time around because once dipped, the beak and eyes need to be stuck onto the penguin’s face. Dab the neck area with a small amount of candy melt and stick the bow tie on. Set aside and let it harden.

Dab a small amount of candy melt onto the M&M feet and stick them onto the bottom. Once the pink candy melt has completely hardened, use an edible pen and draw in the pupils.

Have fun decorating. :)