I am a dog-lover and have always wanted to own one since I was a kid. To this day I still don’t own one (my parents never let me have one when I was a kid, and now my husband doesn’t want us to have one…yet). I was thinking of new grey cupcake ideas and came up with a grey Scottish Terrier. Isn’t he cute?

To make this cupcake you will need the following items:

• cooled cupcakes
• edible pen (Americolor Gourmet Writer)
• Wilton tip #21
• piping bag
• white chocolate chips (2 per cupcake)
• white chocolate wafers cut in half (2 halves per cupcake)
• chocolate chips (1 per cupcake)
• grey buttercream (I made Oreo buttercream)
• jumbo red heart sprinkles (1 per cupcake)

1 – Draw pupils on the white chocolate chips and set aside (2 per cupcake).
2 – Cut white chocolate wafers in half and set aside (2 halves per cupcake).
3 – Starting from the middle of the cupcake, pipe 1 layer of horizontal lines to the left and to the right so the entire cupcake is covered. It will look like the fur is parted in the middle.
4 – For the snout, pipe 2-layers of 3 horizontal lines (at a slightly lower angle) pointing left and pointing right.
6 – Place the eyes, nose, tongue and ears in place.
7 – Pipe an upside-down-V around the edge of each ear.

Have fun decorating. :)